E-voucher system is an automated voucher stock management system build for hotel chains for easy management of voucher stock with following core functionalities:
  • Set up of sales outlets
  • Load stock per sales office
  • Stock control & visibility
  • Facility for Travel agent to generate / draft / view report on vouchers
  • Set up Travel Agencies
  • Credit limit and credit control facility for all the travel agents
  • Reports based of stock utilization per sales office per travel agent

E-voucher is a first step of e-enablement which can be enhanced to further phases of integration with central reservation system to offer full automation and seamless distribution of inventory to Travel Agents & corporate customer using automated B2B channel.


Backoffice Module: Web Based data module where you define your products with the governing business rules, sales offices and customers such as travel agencies.

The module can be divided broadly into:
1. Master entries for:
  • Registering all the outlets and products (properties)
  • Registering all the sales offices (GSAs) across the planet
  • Enrolling all the customers along with the governing rules applicable for each of them.
  • Currency Exchange master to define the exchange rates as per the company standards
2. Stock Management for:
  • Assigning stocks for each sales office (GSA)
  • Monitoring used/unused stocks
3. Reports for:
  • Various sales offices (GSAs)
  • Outstanding invoices (Unpaid Invoices)
  • Paid invoices
4. System user manager for:
  • Creating users and user access for all the users who would be using Backoffice.

E-Voucher Printing Module (VPS):

VPS Module: A web based module for customers (Travel agents) to generate and print vouchers online for various products of Mövenpick.

  • Seamless integration with Backoffice module so that all the business rules created as governing rules are applied at the time of voucher generation.
  • Option to preview the voucher before generation.
  • Option to prepare vouchers and keep them in draft which can be generated and printed later.
  • Option to Void vouchers in case of cancellation