Global Innovations believes in enabling small, medium and large Travel & Tourism companies by providing affordable business solutions. Our pricing approach is based on offering modular licenses. We do not charge % from customer’s revenue. I-Itinerary ERP licenses are sold per seat and per CPU installation basis. Our Point of Sale Module which consists of XML Distribution, B2B Website and GSA are always offered with an unlimited seat licenses and are sold per CPU installation. Other modules such as Contracting Module, Reservation and Back Office Module, Financial Accounting Module & Business Intelligence Module are sold per seat basis for each named user usage.

Financial Accounting Module : Is a core module designed to capture the organizations financial transactions in a manner which satisfies accounting of transactions such as receivable, payables etc. & also covers the need for internal and external reporting such as Trial Balance, Balance Sheet, Ageing Reports, Revenue Reports etc. The finance module can support and automate financial postings and reporting’s as it is tightly integrated with Contracting module and Reservation & Back office module.

Please email for additional information on pricing.