Voyage Tours to expand its international market connection

The company rides the innovation wave by bringing their business online

Dubai - 22 August 2015: Voyage Tours managed to be at the top of the game by being one of the fastest growing and most developed DMCs in Dubai. Since its recent system upgrade with I-Itinerary (Global Innovations) as their software solution to automate their operations, the company has seen great improvements and achieved seamless business process in such a short time.

Samer El Debs, Managing Director of Voyage Tours said that tourism today is very much different than what it was 10 years ago. The technological advancements have brought more business now than what they have ever tried before. Samer, who has been in the industry since 1993, said the need to carefully select which system will work best for their company is very crucial and it should meet their expectations. They have been offered the best systems from different countries but Global Innovation's I-Itinerary has provided not just very reasonable pricing options but solid support as well.

Recently the company also added another upgrade to their system to completely revolutionize their business and take it to a higher level. Voyage decided to bring their business online via B2B Online Booking module where it's easier to access reservations history, view transactions, confirm bookings and track other things on a real-time basis. These are just a few of the many advantages. “I can connect with all my partners and they actually don't need to contact me as they can log in to the system as well.” Samer said. “Almost all the tasks required for daily operations can be managed and performed using the system. It would be impossible to execute and get response real-time without it.” he added.

When asked about their plans for the coming year, the managing director stated that these changes in the company will definitely open new markets, both local and international. They are starting to reach out to Eastern Europe, Great Britain and the Far East markets as well.

What makes Voyage Tours stand out among the competition

“We are basically focused on good rates and quality. We have a hotline and staff working 24/7. From the customers' arrival in Dubai to their departure, they are connected to us. We have our own helpdesks inside the hotels to assist the guests. Voyage Tours is highly organized and very keen to details as well. “ Samer said.

The tour company boasts big volume of tourists per day which is around 500, and with the new system they now have, they can get connected to a much larger network. They're targeting to hit around 1000 to 1200 tourists per day which is reachable as they have managed to be one of the best companies in Dubai in the recent years.

Voyage Tours family

Another key ingredient to the companies' success is valuing relationships. Voyage management is big on trust and care. The management really sees what's going on in each department and addresses any issue with transparency. This extends to their customers and business partners as well. Voyage Tours always makes sure that the customers and clients are happy and prides itself of giving only the best business to everyone.