Global Innovation launches ERP software Solution for automation of Tourism trade in Dubai in ATM 2013

Global Innovations launches ERP software Solution for automation of Tourism trade in Dubai in ATM 2013 Dubai on its own is a wonderful destination which gets served as a tourist paradise, offering amazing attractions, tours, shopping, fine dining and high quality standards of hotels which also makes it a dynamic business centre.
Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum in his book 'My Vision - Challenges in the Race for Excellence' detailed a strategic vision especially for 'excellence in development' In the chapter Made in Dubai, the author details the nature of development in Dubai: what has been achieved and what will be achieved in the future. The aims and targets set in the book prove the roadmap of development into the mid-21st century and beyond.

Inspired by the vision Global Innovations started to work on the technology offering which is completely 'Made In Dubai' and supports this larger vision by leveraging benefits to various private and public institutions and contributing Travel & Tourism developments.

In early 2007, Global Innovations started the development of a flagship product 'I-Itinerary' the base product was rolled out to key customers for their Travel & Tourism trade and there was continuous enhancements made to the product even during the most difficult and strong recession period.

Kabir Ali Baig, the founder and CEO of Global Innovation, which this year celebrates its 10th anniversary, announced the final release of the ERP. with this release global innovations has also introduced additional modules, I-Itinerary will now offer an extensive business intelligence module called BAM (Business Activity Monitoring) and various Point of sale distribution modules which are Outward XML /Push XML/Auto Excel Tariff.

BAM is a next level of software providing high value intelligence to the business decision makers. Since I-itinerary is a full fledge ERP, it emerges a strong Business Analysis architecture built according to the international standards and best practices and it utilizes the state-of-art technologies for which the reliability and accuracy is proven. All the measures related to your business are available and viewable from every dimension in a robust and flexible architecture that brings all your data in one Data-Warehouse in an organized fashion providing 360° view of your business.

Distribution Modules which include Outward XML/Push XML & Excel Tariff are developed with full flexibility and keeping the requirements of the World Tour Operators, these modules ease the difficulties of correct pricing with various combinations of Value added and non value added offers, Combinable and non combinable promotions with different board basis.

Currently, Global Innovation host more than 20 DMC (Destination Management Company) in Dubai contribution 23% of DMC inbound business. They have further strengthen their position as a provider of Complete ERP Technology for the 'non air' part of Travel and Tourism business for all its valued clients, new and old. The new release also has a great new development and enhancements on its existing modules.

The contracting module has been revolutionized to enhance the 3 time better performance than the earlier release catering all the possibilities of a non air contracts , rate loading and business rules loading.

The Reservation and Back office module now contains Group Costing , Packages handling and Multi branching.

The Financial Accounting module becomes a certified 'Accounting System' for Travel & Tourism Trade with Integrity checks, Exchange Rate Management & precise reporting on different account heads.

Meer Bakher, COO, Global Innovation said the 'I-Itinerary' project began in May 2012 with an objective to complete successful pilot runs with key customers and migration from I-Travel to I-Itinerary before ATM (Arabian Travel Market).

“We are happy, because our customers are very satisfied with pilot runs and new features introduced in the release. All our customers with an active AMC (Annual maintenance contract ) will get this release free of cost. Also, we have a commitment to deliver continuous roadmap of consistently improving the product features to be in line with changing business requirements and technologies. With I-Itinerary you can be assured of complete solution which meets all your current and future needs, It's a turn-key implementation which can be deployed successfully on to production in 4-5 weeks and serve as a turning point for a big success of your business',” he said.