Hajj & Umrah

Powerful automation tool that can completely manage and perform Hajj and Umrah operations

Hajj and Umrah Automation Software Solutions

This software is a powerful automation tool that can completely manage and perform Hajj and Umrah operations. It’s a full system which not only automates various point-of-sale (POS) systems but also the customer service aspect and execution of the bookings, all of which are crucial for the Hajj and Umrah trade.

Software System enables you to book these Services

Arranging and managing the guests’ itinerary (airport, hotel etc) for Hajj and Umrah is not an easy task. Our Hajj and Umrah software offers various services that correspond to the demands of the trade. With this, you can completely automate the ground handling services, selling, procurement and the day-to-day financial activities of the accounts department.


Airline Service is web based service which can be integrated with global GDS systems, which consolidates the data from all the airlines.


Online Hotel/Apartment service has provided the customers/ travel agents a new dimension.


This service enables you to book all Mazarat ziyarat in Makkah and Madina.

Tours & Excursion

With this service a DMC/Tour operator/Travel agents can book different types of tours and excursions.


This service enables you to book transfers from airport to hotel/hotel to airport and vice versa.


DMC/Tour operator/Travel agents can book different types of visas, Such as 1 month visa, 14 days visa and 90 days Visa.

Car Hire

With this service you can hire a car on a real time basis. This service will give you an option of choosing different models with different makes of cars.


Enable you to search for a restaurant will give you so many options with pictures of a restaurants.

  • Benefits of using the software

    • Manage last minute inventories
    • Flexibility on all functionalities to match the dynamics of the Hajj &Umrah business rules
    • Apply your own business rules on top of each services
    • Create exclusive packages which can also be distributed from various POS available
    • Get connected directly to suppliers, partners, customers or other businesses
    • Connect your business anywhere, at any time
    • The software increases efficiency and maximizes business opportunities
  • Features

    • Cost allocation
    • Multiple suppliers in one service
    • Static or Dynamic Packaging (non-air service)
    • Extranet
    • Mazarat management
    • Hotel allotments control
    • Supports all kinds of package requirements