Payment Management

Payment Management

GI offers a robust payment management system through which Travel agents can manage customer invoices, verify supplier invoices, track online and offline payments, improve cash flow, manage exchange rates and it integrates into your existing accounting system. An administrative interface is provided to manage various attributes and components.

Key Features

  • Payment Collection
  • Credit Customers Handling
  • Split Payment
  • Refund Management with Approval
  • Centralized Receipts
  • Auto Invoicing, LPO and voucher generation
  • Advance Payment Management
  • Retail and corporate customer management
  • Cashier Settlement Process
  • MIS reporting and dashboard
  • Payment Gateway Integrated


  • Multi-Currency support
  • User-friendly GUI Interface
  • Real Time Reporting
  • Track online and offline payments
  • Manage complex sale and purchase rules
  • Admin panel for managing the business processes
Payment Management
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